Size limit on workspace pages?

Using latest Toad beta version.

I reverse engineered a database with a large number of tables and then performed an Alphabetic/Square Autolayout. Not very satisfactory since especially large tables are overlapping other tables. I was attempting to spread out the horizontal lines of tables but found that the workspace limits are 16x16 pages. Is this a real limit or is it extensible? If so how?


No, it’s not a limit. We tested a model over the 16th page and it went fine.

If you think your reversed model doesn’t work properly, please feel free to send it to us for testing at



Vladka + TDM Team

When I try to extend past the 16th row I run into a hard boundary. How would I extend the limit?


Sorry, we keep failing to simulate your problem.

  1. Please write us your Page Setup (File menu)

  2. Set zoom 10, make a screenshot and send it to us please.

  3. The problem may be caused by “lost” caption of relationship. Please check it out in smaller zoom.

  4. If you select another layout, does the problem remain?

Thanks for the screenshot and other information.


Vladka + TDM Team

I tried this again with the latest version of TDM downloaded today ( with no change at all. Still exactly the same problem as described above.

Unfortunately, because of the proprietary nature of the schema, I cannot send the model. I could send a low resolution screenshot however - where would I send that to and how would I tie it to this discussion?

For some additional information:


  • 336 Entities

  • 576 Relationships


  • 886 Stored Procedures

  • 15 Schemas

  • 6531 Attributes

  • 336 Keys

  • 546 Indexes

Reverse engineering is still incapable of creating a non-overlapping view in any layout, and it is impossible to drag entities past a certain hard boundary in the workspace. Altering page setup seems to make no difference. The reverse engineering uses an A4 page, but specifying a custom page using what appear to be max values of 5000 for each dimension changes nothing about the boundaries.

When I create an empty project using the A4 page setup, again, I cannot exceed what the grid is stating as about 16 units, either horizontally or vertically.

I assume there ARE some hard limits to the workspace size, what are they?

Hello there,

The workspace limit in A4 pages should be about 46x34, 16x16 does not seem right. Could you send a screenshot of your entire model on Workspace to my email ( Preferably immediately after you perform the Reverse Engineering so we can see just how much the objects overlap.