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SQL Recall Not Saving SQLs

SQL Recall is not saving statements unless I hit F9 to execute the statements.

I have uploaded a screenshot of saved SQLs. I use Toad daily. I checked Code Assist option and "Save only valid statements" is checked. The file SavedSQL.xml exists in "C:\Users\308881\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\14.0 beta\User Files". Do I need to configure something?

Thank you

Are you saying that it works with F9 but not the toolbar button? When does it not work?

If I execute the query using the green arrow icon or F5 the SQL does not appear in SQL Recall. Only if I run the query using F9 is the query saved in SQL Recall.

F5 is for running scripts. For single statements you should use F9. Especially for SELECTs. SELECTs will always be faster with F9. It doesn't matter as much if you run other statement types with F5.

F5 does not save to SQL Recall (imagine running a long script and having every statement in the script go there!)

There are 2 buttons with Green arrows. The one circled in green is the F9 button. It should send statements to SQL Recall. The one circled in red is the F5 button. It should not send statements to SQL Recall. Let me know if this is what you are seeing.

Thank you. I just needed a little education. Thanks again

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