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Slow model merge


I am using TDM, and it t can’t merge two data models. They are relatively big with about 800 entities, 2000 relations and 12000 attributes, database is Oracle 11.2. I have free memory, and merge process uses only about 5% of CPU. It is very, very slow in this version, and after I have left it to finish overnight it just have crashed. I will try beta 5.2.38 to see if performance of the model’s merge was improved.

Is it possible in TDM to modify target database’s definitions for reverse and forward engineering like it is possible in PowerDesigner? If you can have some extensible attributes/properties that can be assigned to the objects of the specific databases then users could extend database definitions with something that isn’t yet supported by TDM official release. Like POstgresql has comments on sequences, and if it would be possible for users to extend metadata model for Postgresql and modify reverse engineering SQL scripts then this objects property could be captured in TDM and later used in forward engineering. I like it in PowerDesigner.

I try it now with TDM beta with about the same result. CPU consumption is less than 5%. It reads from hard drive about 1Kb persecond, and writes 50Kb per second.

Pairing Objects from Merge Wizard is busy for more than an hour. It seems that a merge and compare functionality isn’t optimized for bigger models. Also it is impossible to cancel merge, you can only kill TDM.

Simple Merge in other hand works actively, consumes one CPU core completely, and crashes when there isn’t enough memory (consumes about 1.8Gb of private memory in my case).

Hi Sergei,

Yes, you’re right. Model merge is slow. We know about it and have been working on this (model merge and alter script optimization still in progress).

Regarding the modification, Toad Data Modeler offers lots of options to customize. Please watch some movies (section Videos), e.g.:
Customize Reverse Engineering Scripts
Customization Options:

or others.

Visit also our blog (Wiki section), e.g.

If you have a particular thing you need to customize/modify and need any help, please do not hesitate to write us.


Vladka + TDM Team