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Data Model Merge Options



I am trying to find out is there a feature in TDM to merge a workspace from one .txp file to another .txp file.


  1. I have a workspace XYZ with entities and relationships in one data model file. Lets call it as A.txp file.
  2. From A.txp I want to merge to another data model B.txp file. So that I can bring above mentioned XYZ workspace.

We have this model merge feature in other data modelling tool. Technically this option will not generate change script. This will compare 2 different data modelling file and it will give us an option to merge the model what is missing in the other file.

Please advise if we have this feature in TDM

Thanks !!


Hello Rajesh,
TDM can merge models two new model or two existing model.

  1. Open both model (It not necessary open second model you can choose its file later in merge wizard)
  2. Activate first model - A.txp
  3. Go to “Main Menu - Models - Merge Models - Run” - It’t open Merge wizard
  4. Select second model
  5. There are a few steps in this wizard
    Comparison Settings - Basic settings for comparator
    Select Objects Types - You can filter objects by type
    Item Selection - There is necessary to select what will be merge
    Review - You can choose if you want merge to right model or to new model

Tip.: If you want merge only one specific workspace go to Item Selection, uncheck root node - All will be unchecked. Got to Workspaces node and check your workspace. All object that are necessary for this workspace will be selected too(Entities, relationships etc.).



Thanks Daril. I am able to merge my model by following this steps.