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Slow response in the Session Browser using Toad for Oracle version 12.7 (RAC)

I am getting an extremely slow response in the Session Browser using Toad for Oracle version 12.7.

Connected to an oracle version 12c RAC instance. i have the ‘Use RAC views’ box checked. it takes a minute or more just to open the window. Refreshing takes just as long.

When i select a particular session, another serious delay showing the information in the right pane (ie. Current Statement).

i understand this is a known issue in this version, and the workaround posted is to uncheck the ‘Use RAC Views’ button, logging in to the proper instance, if necessary.
Unfortunately, i dont see how to connect to a particular instance in the login window.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You’ll either need to create a new tnsnames entry that connects to the desired instance, or you can use the “Direct” tab on the login window (click “more” to be able to specify Instance name).

Thanks, John. That helps. Any word on when the fix will be put in place?

As I understand it, the slowness is not Toad, but in the queries against the GV$ views. They aren’t always slow but I have heard that they can be.

You can test that by turning on spool SQL to capture the queries from Session Browser and trying them in the Editor.