Workspace: No Load

I have several workspaces and they work correctly (most of them with 1 Oracle Home 12c)

I have 2 workspaces that do not load.
These workspaces have 2 different Oracle Homes (12c and 19c)

They worked well for me until the previous version. With this latest version the problem occurs.

Windows 10 (64b)
Toad for Oracle Base (64-bit)

It seems unrelated to workspaces. Can you connect to INSAWI from the login window? I think you will get the same message.

Yes I can connect to all databases.

I think the problem occurs when there is more than 1 oracle home

Ok, you can connect with SQLPlus, that is good.

What about using Toad?

Maybe you can connect with one Oracle home but not the other.

With TOAD I can also satisfactorily and with its respective oracle home

I wanted to make another topic to tell you about the problem with more than 1 Oracle Home, but I'll do it here. Give me a few minutes to screen you.

Toad can only use one Oracle home at a time.

So if you can only make Connection A using Home A, and Connection B only with Home B, then the only way you can make Connection A and Connection B at the same time is to connect without using Oracle clients.

DB in oracle home 12c: mibd12
DB in oracle home 19c: mibd

Step 1: I enter a new TOAD Instance and click New Connection, the home appears enabled and it updates automatically according to the databases I choose.

Oracle 12c

Oracle 19c

Step 2: I close everything and enter the new TOAD Instance and give it New connection (Ex: oracle home 12c).
Then I click on the "New Connection" button and I see that the respective oracle home is NOT updated and is disabled without allowing me to choose a new oracle home (in case I want to access another database) this last screen, when I choose that database (which IS found in oracle home 19c) it will give ERROR because Toad looks for it in oracle home 12c, which is wrong because the database is NOT found there. Additionally, that field (which is on the right) is disabled.

Good morning John
Do you know if they will implement any solution on this topic?

Hi Carlos,

When you say that one of your databases is not found in the 12c home, what do you mean by that exactly? Do you have a different TNSNAMES.ORA file for each Oracle home?

The "Oracle Home" dropdown is disabled after the first connection is made because Toad can only use 1 Oracle home at a time. So you cannot change it when a connection is active.

If you make a connection using one Oracle home, then Toad will use that Oracle home for every additional connection that you try to make, even if it is defined in the grid as using a different Oracle home.

This is just how Toad works. We can't use 2 different Oracle Homes at the same time.

You can get around the problem by unchecking "Use Oracle Client" on the login window (before the first connection is made).

Espero que todo esto tenga sentido. Dígame si no es así.


Indeed, I have a different TNSNAMES.ORA on each oracle home.

Ok, I'll have to adjust.
Thank you