Sorting scripts in Script Manager needs confirmation

I think it is nice to be able to sort scripts in Script Manager. HOWEVER, sorting should REQUIRE confirmation. If I accidentally click 1 pixel below the "Move Up" or "Move Down" buttons, the list of scripts is immediately sorted. Furthermore, I am not able to move my scripts back to the order I want without closing TOAD and reopening it. On a long list of scripts with interdependencies, it could take an hour or more (when I need to experiment to determine the correct order again) to rearrange my scripts. I would also suggest that sorting the scripts be moved to a button and that sorting by clicking a heading be disabled entirely.

You can just CTRL+Click on the column header to remove the sort.

Thank you so much! I'll do my best to remember that.

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I do still think that SORT and REMOVE SORT buttons would be a better user interface.

Well, the only "problem" is that the ability to sort a grid by clicking a column header is baked into every single grid in Toad. I don't think we want to add "sort/remove sort" buttons above every grid.

I get how CTRL+Click was not obvious, and how running scripts in the wrong order can be a problem, but now that you know, it's no big deal, right?

I understand. I certainly like clicking column headings for sort objects in the Schema Browser. I probably always want objects there sorted in some order. Scripts in Script Manager is still a different story. Without removing the ability to sort scripts in Script Manager, I'd suggest a pop-up window stating that the list has been sorted, along with a notice that the list can be unsorted with a Ctrl+Click would be a great improvement.