SP linked to workspace

Is it possible to link stored procedure to a workspace?
If not - it would be usefull while building project partialy using more workspaces.

The issue appears when I worked with MySQL model. MySQL has no schemas, so all SPs belongs to a database.

It makes impossible to generate DDL for single workspace (such option exists) including SPs related to this one. I can generate all SPs or none.

I believe there are more objects which may be linked with workspace. For example views.

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Hello Michal,

It is not possible to link a procedure to Workspace.

In the DDL Script Generation dialog, you can only select entities to generate them by Workspace.

Workaround: Use the Set Generate Macro that is available at:
See the attached PDF doc there - with instructions on how to use the macro.
The macro will be available in the main menu Macros and also in pop-up menu of objects.

Before you select a WS for which you want to generate SQL script (in the DDL Script Generation dialog, tab Entity List), you use the macro:
Select the procedures that you want to generate in the script (in Model Explorer or Object Viewer) | right-click | Macros | Set Generate on Selected Objects Only.

Then feel free to generate the SQL script by WS.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team

Thanx, I know there is no such option yet.
I just sugested to add such feature.

It would be done by adding some meta object (as note is) into workspace, which will allow to select functions/procedures/views/etc to link with this workspace.

Also thank you for suggestion. I’m sure it’ll be helpful.

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O.K. Thanks for your suggestion. It’s already been recorded.
Thanks for your patience.