Generating DDL - functions

It’s neverending story :wink:
I found quite funny thing.

While generating DDL for selected schema (schema chosen in What To Generate tab), I got functions from this schema generated as expected.

But if I additionaly select a workspace in Select List, then even if those functions are still selected on functions list, none of them will be generated to DDL.

Since functions are not connected with workspace in any way, I consider it as a bug.

To be honest I would like to see some day export section to be reworked from scratch. There is a lot of inconsistency.

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Any feedback on this please?
I found the problem persists in latest beta.

Imagine I have schema with 200 tables and 200 functions. I created new workspace with new a few tables and a few functions. I want to generate DDL from those items. using filtering by workspace affects tables but wipes out functions even if selected on list.

Without using filtering by workspace I have to find a few items in bunch of 400.

Hi Michal,

I apologize for the delay. We will look into the matter and improve TDM. Such enhancement will not appear in next commercial version, but I agree DDL script generation dialog should be improved.

Thank you,