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Spool does not show the database name


**** SCRIPT STARTED 03/03/2009 11:47:58 AM ****




03/03/2009 11:47:5

-------- End of Data --------

1 row(s) fetched


**** SCRIPT ENDED 03/03/2009 11:47:59 AM ****


I am running SQL NAV 6.1.1. Is there a preference I can modify to get the database name on script output? I may have to run the same script on several instances and it’s imperative that the script output have the database name. This used to work fine in SQL NAV 5.5.


Hi Vas,

This issue has been addressed in our internal build. It’s also available in our beta release. You can download it from the SQL Navigator beta forum.



Thanks Gwen. I will check out the 6.2 Beta release. Are you aware when 6.2 will be released officially?


We haven’t committed to an official date yet. Will let you know when I have more information.