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SQL Editor Window Closes Out to Results


After I run a query in SQL Editor Window the results appear and the query goes away. Usually the results appear in the bottom portion of the window. I go to Window to try to search for the query but its gone. How do I get the query to stay again after I type it?


Hi Lana,

Which version of SQL Nav are you using? Could you please provide a screenshot of SQL Navigator after the result set is displayed?



Gwen, Please find screenshots attached. We are on version
SQLNavQueryClose.doc (271 KB)


Hi Lana,

Check the preference Code Editors > SQL Editor > Split window to display results and make sure it’s ticked. This should solve your issue although having it off should not cause any issue at all. I had this option turned off and at the top I still have 3 tabs:SQL, Spool and Result Set. Anyway, 4.5 is a pretty old version so there’s not much we can do.

Hope this helps