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Strange behaviour - SQL Nav 5


Hi all!

I´m having a strange problem,
Whenever I run a SQL statement in my editor, it runs, delivers the right data,
but the query field clears the statement - and I can’t use it again. The cursor
becomes a hand, and when I click with the hand in the query field a little box
pops up which says “Double Click on error to display description” (although
there was no error) - see attachment!

Any ideas??




I think you accidentally resized error description panel, this panel is between sql area and data grid, and this panel can be resized.
You can go to your preferences --> code Editors -->Sql Editor and uncheck Split Windows to display result. I think this will help but only as changing displaying method.

You can try go to your registry (on closed application) HKCU/Software/Quest Software/Sqlnavxxx/
and delete:
Docking areas,Docking windows,Forms,main form
I think one of that keys has sqlEditor parameters.



Thank you!
Deleting from the registry worked best, nav works now as usual.

The first choice also worked, but then the result opened in a different panel - and not as comfortable to use.