"SQL Interface file not found" when creating Sybase connection

I’ve just installed Toad Data Point, to try to connect to a Sybase database. According to management and coworkers, it should automagically read the sql.ini file from my Sybase client installation and give me a list of connections when I go into the Create New Connection window and open the SAP ASE option.

Instead, the list is empty, and hovering over the control gives a “SQL Interface file not found” tooltip. Reinstalling both the Sybase client and Toad Data Point did nothing, and the program isn’t being particularly helpful.

Can I get a developer to weigh in on this? What is the “SQL Interface file” it’s looking for, if not my file at C:\SYBASE\ini\sql.ini as everyone here at my workplace seems to believe? What file is it looking for and failing to find, and what’s the proper procedure for ensuring that it’s there?


This was fixed in TDP 3.6. What version are you using of TDP? Could you download and try this in latest Beta? Download Beta

Hi Mason,

can you check yours Environment variables and looking for system variable SYBASE. There should be path where we try to find your folder ini with sql.ini file. If you didn’t find it you can create it manually and put your SQL file here.
Path: \ini\sql.ini