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SQL Loader Location Required

I am doing some development for a company, and the gave me TOAD 9.7.2 for the Oracle “back-end” develop of an MS ACCESS application.

I need to use SQL * Loader. When I create the Control file through the TOAD interface, it say “Location of SQL*Loader Required”.

I look in the options and there paths for about a dozen utility, and SQL * Loader is one of them. However the path is blank and AutoFind does not find the Executable.

I haven’t used toad before but I think the didn’t install SQL * Loader…

Is that typical? So I perhaps I have to put in a request…

Any thoughts?

SQL*Loader is an Oracle product that comes with the full client install. Toad doesn’t install it but will recognize it if it has been installed. You need to get the full client from Oracle and install it.