Sql Navigator 3 with oracle

I want to use Sql Nav 3 with Oracle But I cannot connect to the database. An error message is being thrown - “Load Interface DLLs” or something like this.

Please give me a solution for this. I want to stick to Sql Nav 3 as I have been working this version for a long time (Since oracle 8i days)…

Thanx in advance

Hi Sujit,

Version 3 is pretty old (about 10 years old) so it’s understandable that Oracle 10g doesn’t work with it. In fact, we don’t even provide customer support for that version. If there’s anything wrong it’s likely to be fixed in one of the newer versions. Unfortunately, in this case your best bet would be to upgrade.


Hi Gwen,

Thanx for ur feedback. Actually, Sql NAV 3 works fine with but not with

I have upgraded to a newer version. But due to curiosity, why it is working with 10.1.0…1.0 ?


Hi Sujit,

That was a hard question actually. A colleague of mine even said that Quest didn’t’t own SQL Navigator at this stage so let me tell you what I know. When a new Oracle version comes out, we normally test with our current version first to see if connection can be established and if simple tasks can be done. A lot of the time, it would work smoothly but in some cases it will require a few changes in SQL Navigator. So the bottom line is if the release note states that we don’t support an Oracle version it usually means no testing have been done to certify that it works.




Sql Nav 3 also works with 10.2 but not with 10.1. Why?


Hi Sujit,

As I have stated before, SQLNav3 is no longer supported by Quest and it was released at the point when Oracle 10g didnt exist. So it’s understandable that it may not be compatiable. Please use it at your own risk.



I’d think it has something to do with the fact that somewhere in the 10.x series of Oracle releases, some functionality for NET2 connectivity got eliminated. If you still have or use Forms4.5 lying around, you’ll find that they can be run against some 10.x versions, but not against some others. Likewise,some 10.x versions allow you to compile Forms4.5, others don’t.
I’d think that SQLNav 3 only supports NET2 connectivity, and that it has trouble connecting to some 10.x versions…