SQL navigator 5.5/Oracle 11g/Windows 7

I have a newly imaged machine with Windows 7 and I have added SQL Navigator 5.5 and Oracle 11g. I am getting a couple of errors:

I need to know how to fix this to make SQL Navigator work. Please let me know if you need any other information.

Thanks, in advance, for the help.

Apparently, you can’t put screenshots in the posts. Here are the errors:

Unhandled Exception at startup – Cannot load OCI DLL : oci.dll

Access violation at address 0101916B in module ‘SQLNav5.exe’

Read of address 00000000


SQL Navigator 5.5 doesn’t support 11g client until 5.5.4. If you want to use 11g client, you need to upgrade to SQL Navigator 5.5.4 at least.



Sorry, I should have been more precise. The version I have is SQL

Thanks again for your feedback.

Is the Oracle 11g client 32bit or 64 bit? Is it an instant client or a full client? Where did you install the Oralce client? Could you please check whether the Oracle client BIN path has been added to system environment variable PATH? And do you have TNS_ADMIN variable exists in environment variables? Can you use sqlplus command to connect to database from cmd console?