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SQL Navigator 5 x Windows 7 64-bit.

Hi, all. My first thread, feels like I’m a virgin…
Anyway, I had SQLNav 5 and Windows XP and it was working just fine.
But after I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7, SQL Navigator is not working anymore. I get the error message: “OCI version Production is not supported”.
Is there any solution for this problem using Windows 7 and version 5 or I have to install a newer version of SQL Navigator?

if you search on “OCI version” you will find a bunch of links that explain this particular error… Some may be for 6.x, but I’m pretty sure there is one that is for 5.x…

Once I posted this thread, please assume that I’ve already searched all the web for some kind of solution and didn’t find a clue.
Said that, any help?

Hi Neto,

Welcome to the Community.

Could you please confirm the exact version of your SQL Navigator. V 5.5.4 supports ONLY Oracle 11g 32 bit client and it should work in window 7.

If you have an older SQL Navigator version, it will not support Oracle 11g client. To work with 11g client, you would need to upgrade to the current release which is v6.6.0.

If you decide to stay with your current SQL Navigator v5, I would suggest that you install an older Oracle versioin that is the same version as you have in your XP environment previously and make sure it is the first Oracle home in the System variable ‘path’.

Please also note that SQL Navigator Only support 32bit Oracle clients and you should not install SQL Navigator under program files in Windows 7. ex. install in ‘c:\Quest software/SQL Navigator 5’. SQL Navigator cannot detect location of OCI.dll if there is ‘()’ in the installation path.

Please let us know if anything we could help you with.

Thanks and regards,
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Hi, Bruce.
My SQL Navigator version is
My Oracle Client version is
The laptop is for work, it’s not mine. So I can´t install or uninstall programs. Change the Oracle client is not an option, but upgrade de SQL Navigator version could be.
Considering what I’ve already found on the web, I think I’ll have to upgrade my SQL Navigator version to 6.6 to solve my problem.
One question: As I have the licence for the SQL Navigator, can you tell me if I automatically have rights to use the 6.6 version? I mean, as my company bought the license for the, do we have to pay for the use of the 6.6? We shouldn’t, you agree?
Thanks a lot for your help.


If your company has a current Support contract then you are entitled to any updates we release during that contract term. When you purchase SQL Navigator, it includes the first year of support; your company would need to renew the support contract each year to continue receiving updates. Since you say you have version 5 (released in 2006 if I recall), that first year of support has long expired.

Do you know if they have renewed that contract since it was purchased? If so, you can go to and download v6.6 at your convenience.


problem solved.
I got in contact with Quest Support and they instructed me how to use in 6.6 the same key code I had in version 5.
Thanks for your help.