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SQL Navigator 6.4 Xpert - TRIAL - 3 returns no rows for valid SQL query


Hi Guys,

I downloaded a 30 day trial version of SQL Navigator XPert Edition for Oracle.

My colleague at another site sent me an SQL query to run.

On his SQL Navigator (same edition although a fully-licensed version) , the query returns 6000 rows.

On my SQL Navigator, query executes successfully but returns message: "DataSet is read only; 0 row(s) fetched

I have double-checked database connection string, database user we are connecting with, etc. and both are identical …

thanks in advance for any suggestions what the issue might be.



Hi Aidan,

The commercial and Trial should give you the same result data set. Could you check and compare the 2 environments regarding the fetch all option as screen attached. It would be worth to compare the preferences settings under menu View ->Preferences.

Thanks and regards,