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SQL NAV 4 fails to display first row of record


Hi, I have been using SQL nav 4 for about a year now running the same script. About two weeks ago, it started acting wired. Whenever, I run a script to pull records from my table, if the “fetch all” button is not on, no record will be display and if I turn that on the first record does not display. Record always starts from the 2nd row in my table but sees that as the first row.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


Did you made any change to the DB version or the client version?


I did not make any changes to that.

The only thing I recall was that I did install Oracle Lite - Oracle 8 Navigator for other purpose about two weeks ago and that’s about the same time I started experience this malfunction of SQL Navigator.

Perpetual Amoah
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Check if that installation didn’t change your oracle default home.

BTW that is a very old version of SQLNav, I do not now if Quest still supports that



The c:/orant is the directory of the oracle lite. I am not sure if I change it to c:/program files/sql navigator 4 as its in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->QUEST SOFTWARE it will solve it or not.

Perpetual Amoah
(832) 891-6619


Before changing something in the registry make a backup of it.

I do not recall if with sqlnav 4 you can change in the login panel the oracle_home used.
If you can try it.

If not, try to change the oracle home using the oracle application that does that or directly in the registry