SQL Optimizer does not work in Toad

Hi everyone,
In Toad 8.6.1 when we used to hit the yellow SQL optimize button, it would rewrite the present Query in the editor, in different ways to compare the explain plan, performance etc and then the developer could choose one of the several queries depending on certain criteria like usage of indexes, easier syntax, performance etc. But this feature seems to be unavailable in or at least I don’t see it working. All it does is , It displays a window with some read-only information and then it minimizes the other screens.
Thanks for your help !


Hi Faiz,
In Toad 9.7.1, when click the yellow SQL optimize button, it would open the Quest SQL Optimizer in a SEPARATE program now. The window with some read-only information you saw is to remind you that Quest SQL Optimizer now is opened in a separate program, and to send optimized SQL back to Toad has to keep this window open. And I saw you have lot applications running, that might be a reason for Windows to take a little bit longer to load the Quest SQL Optimizer application than usual.

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I restarted my PC and tried your suggestion but it does not work. When I directly go to the C drive and double click on the SQL optimizer application also it does not start up. Do I need to login as an Administrator on my PC to run SQL optimizer ?


You shouldn’t need to log in as Administrator to run SQL Optimizer. When you double click the SQL Optimizer to run it directly, did you receive any error? Have you try re-installing it? If it doesn’t help, it would be better to create a Support case so the Support can work close with you to resolve the issue.