Only one scenario


I’ve got a SELECT statement and I clicked on OPTIMIZE SQL. The Optimize window opens and the Optimizer does it’s thing.

BUT, I have only one scenario (the Original SQL). Why don’t I have more scenarios?



Hi Marc,

Can you please provide some additional details about how you reached the location which sparked your question? From which application are you starting, Toad or SQL Optimizer for Oracle? Which version? What buttons or menu options did you select to reach your end point?

If optimizing within Toad, have you checked the “Show all alternatives” option?


This is how I access it...

This is how I access it…
Sql Optimizer_license.jpeg

This is how I access it...


From your last screensot, it looks like the Optimizer window is still loading. You can tell by looking at the bottom right corner of the window where a progress bar was moving. Did it ever finished?

Once it is done loading, you will need to click on the Optimize button (the tuning fork) to start the optimization process to generate alternatives. Let me know if it is still not working.


p.s. I’ve noticed that you have a pretty old version of the Optimizer (version 6.x). The latest version is 8.0 which have been imporved in both usability and optimization capability. I strongly recommend you to trial out the latest version and possibly upgrade to it.