Sql optimizer question

Hey experts:

For some reason, I just can’t figure out when I get hundreds of scenarios
returned (defaulted to checked) in sql optimizer, how one would unselect all of
them so I can then pick and choose the ones I wish to run. I know I can cut down
the intelligence but I still don’t have a clear understanding of how to utilize
that and what the best number settings would be. Currently I have Optimization
Intelligence at Level 5 and Index Expert Intelligence Level at 0.

I have tried multi selecting and then right clicking which intuitively would be
where I would think I find this option but no avail.

I am running Prod Version from Toad for Oracle Xpert version
against 11g Oracle db.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

I’m running one version higher up than you (7.5), but it should be the
same process.

On the SQL Details panel, select your queries. Then make sure to ‘Execute
Selected’ instead of just ‘Execute’ or ‘Execute
All’ scenarios.

I’ve noticed I have to click on a selection TWICE – once to set
focus, another time to actually SELECT the scenario. I’ll try to submit
that as a bug so it’s not so clunky.

Thanks... I was in the Compare Scenarios windows but now if on SQL Details I do
see the Select or Unselect all.

Boy, multi selecting would be a nice feature to grab a group of them and then
right click to select the bunch!

Thanks Jeff for pointing to the right layout. I knew I had seen it before.

CTRL+SELECT and SHIFT+SELECT are both not working, I’d call that a