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SQL Optimizer scenarios



I’ve got a SELECT statement and I clicked on OPTIMIZE SQL. The Optimize window opens and the Optimizer does it’s thing.

BUT, I have only one scenario (the Original SQL). Why don’t I have more scenarios?




Which of the various optimizers are you using? There are 3 ways for you to
optimize from Toad. Are you using the button to optimize current SQL? This
method opens a new Toad tuning window. Or, are you sending the statement to SQL
Optimizer? SQL Optimizer is a full blown optimizer that is a separate Quest
product. If you are using the optimize current SQL feature then look below the
grid showing the results. There is a checkbox to show all results. If that is
unchecked then only those scenarios that execute faster will be displayed.



Did you press the rewrite or generate indexes button?

It doesn’t really do its thing until you hit one of those buttons.



This is how I use it, look at the files…


Sql Optimizer_2.jpeg



This is how I use it, look at the files…


Sql Optimizer_1.jpeg


Click in the SQL Text field

Then click on the ‘Optimize’ button.

FYI – you’re on an older version, so you may want to upgrade if
that’s available to you.



I would like to know each are the MySQL pamameters to modified into the file
“My.cnf” to increase the perfmance of a web application PHP5.
My server is Ubuntu Linux with 8 Go RAM and 8 CPU.



There is a TOADMYSQL community for MySQL related questions…although you
may want to go to a dedicated MySQL community for that particular question since
it has nothing to do with Toad.