SQL query will not return results in Toad For Data Analysts

Wonder if anyone can help with this.

I have a SQL query I have written which runs and returns results in Toad For Oracle.
However if I run the same SQL in Toad For Data Analysts I have no results.

I am using the same details for user name / user etc to connect to my Oracle database for both Toad For Oracle and Toad For Data Analysts.

The SQL query is running off Oracle views.

In Toad For Data Analysts on the “Explain Plan” tab of the query getting the message " ORA-01039: insufficient privileges on underlying objects of the view"

I am also running other SQL reporting using views and these work.
I have checked the grant details on the view I am using and it is the same as views I can already run reports on in Toad For Data Analysts

Any one have any ideas?


Something else I thought about was could this be a time out issue?
The query dioes take almost 6 mins to run.
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ok have cracked it now!!!
All working

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The results should be the same. The only way that I know of where you do not get an Oracle error when executing but get different results is if the table/view is resolving to a different table/view.

Is your SQL using the schema qualifier? Is it using a synonym? Try executing the query with the fully qualified view name.

Also, go to the View menu and open up the background processes window. When you execute you will see the progress of the execution. Let’s make sure the query is finished and that the issue is not one of taking longer to show the rows in TDA.


P.S. The privilege error on the explain plan is not related.