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Toad Data Point querying not returning any results and just keeps running since database upgraded to Oracle 12c

Hello All,

We recently upgraded our Oracle database to 12c and since then our existing queries which were performing perfectly fine on 11g are not returning anything and it keeps running.

We have tested few queries and identified that some queries run normally but some just don’t.

As our database is managed by one of our IT partners, the same was informed to them and we were told that we need to upgrade the Oracle client on TOAD also to 12c, which we did but without any success.

We are on 3.6 version of TOAD.

We are not sure, if it is the ORACLE upgrade which is causing the issue or TOAD.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanking you, in anticipation of your response.

Best Regards,


Does Toad 3.6 load the tables in object explorer slow or just some queries? Did you try executing the explain plan to see if the new database execute the query different?

Upgrading the Oracle client to match the server version is good idea. You may also need to check if you client is 32-bit or 64-bit, if it is 64-bit, please try download the latest 64-bit Toad so they work on the same bit-ness level.

Hope this helps.

Hello Kiki,

Many thanks for your response.

Yes, it does loads all the tables in Object Explorer. So with regards to the query, we have queries which run normally and some queries which just keeps running. For example, we have a query which returns the output when we set the query parameter to a document no but when we change the query parameter to a date, it just keeps running.

We have tried both 32 and 64 bit client versions and the results are same.

We are using an accounting software which managed and hosted in Germany. Any adhoc queries we run using TOAD and we were doing that without any issues before the ORACLE upgrade but since the upgrade the queries have stopped working as expected.

Hence, we are completely clueless about what actually has gone wrong.


Just a few suggestions on things to check:

  • make sure the bitness of your Oracle OCI client matches the bitness of TDP.
  • When the bind window appears for you to enter date value what is the data type of the bind var?
  • Do you have an 11G Oracle that does not have this issue? If so I would look at the explain plan and see what is different in Oracle 12c