SQL recall also for scripts

I don't use the SQL recall that often, but I'm always missing that no SQL scripts but only single SQL statements were stored here. Would it be possible to also store complete scripts? You sometimes have statements that only work in combination (master-detail tables) or anonymous PL/SQL blocks.
If you afraid about the possible size of these logs, maybe you could make it an optional feature you can configure in "Toad Options".

Tools like the SQL Developer can do this.

Would you want Toad to remember the complete script or just the filename?

Hi John,
If I have a file that is executed, then I don't really need the SQL recall. This could be done easily by reopen file.
What I like to have is the recall for small sets of statements that were executed as scripts (F5) or anonymous PL/SQL blocks which could not be executed as statement, but not necessarily saved as files.