SQLNavigator 5.5.2 CVS Error while checkout or in

I Installed Teamcoding with connection to CVS on my Windows XP Client.
The first check out of an Object works fine and the DDL File is exported to my working directory.
When I use check in the output Window shows the Message
Error in CVS while attempting to get revision xx for file yy
Process cannot access the file because it is opend by an other prozess.
I can use CVS to check in these file, now this Error comes when check out this file.

Microsofts FileMon shows that SQLNavigator opens the DDL File and then tries to create the same file. I think this is the Problem.

Maybe the problem comes from an wrong configuration of Teamcoding.

Can anybody give me an tip how to solve this problem?
I uses SQLNavigator with Version

Many Thanks

Hi Roft,

We had the same problem before and we managed to get rid of this problem by making sure that in the project folder, there is a sub folder called “CVS” which contains 2 files: entries, repository.

For more information please Search for topic “Missing CVS\Entries File Error” in the Online Help and let us know if it fixes your problem


Hi Gwen,

thank`s for the answere but it doesnt solve my problem.
CVS Directories exists on all levels of the working directory.
Teamcoding with cvs works fine with new Objects including the initial check in to cvs.

Every second check out or check in brings the error.


Hi Rolf,
In that case, we will need to investigare further. However, we’re quite full on at the moment with the release of 6.0 so it’s best for you to contact Quest Support if the matter is urgent.