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standby database connectivity

Is there a way I can connect to my standby database from TOAD ? The standby is only mounted and in managed recovery mode. But I can remotely as sysdba connect to execute queries on those non-dynamic views.

I don’t have a standby database to test this with, but I just mounted a database but didn’t open it.

When I tried to connect as “normal” (not SYSDBA), I got the expected “ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or shutdown in progress” error.

When connected as SYSDBA, I got a few “ORA-01219: database or pluggable database not open: queries allowed on fixed tables or views only” errors, but after that, Toad allowed the connection and I was able to open an Editor and run queries against the V$ views.

Evening all,

If you have a standby database and you are not running active data guard, you can only connect “as sysdba” (or as sysoper perhaps, never tried it). Once connected, only v$ views vcn be queried, anything else will give you the “fixed tables only” errors.

If Toad queries anything else when you login you’ll see these errors, but it sounds like you can get past them and use Toad on the standby - from what John has found.

I’ve never thought to try it myself.



Norm [ TeamT ]

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As standby databases are becoming more and more a necessity, does the toad dba module have any standby specific apps ? i.e. (log transport activity, dataguard activity, broker controls). I found my issue connecting to my standby database. It errors because I have configured my connections to automatically open a schema browser. It does fine with just an editor. If toad doesn’t have any apps for standby, I’d make the suggestion. It would be an awsome addition to spotlight as well.

Not really, no, but maybe we could add something. I’m interested in learning more about what would be helpful to you. I sent you an email.