Still slow replace in Editor

Howdy all,

In 64-bit, I have a 2.7MB file of ~4500 CREATE TABLE statements, generated by Toad, each CREATE on one line, with blank lines removed. I replaced " NOCACHE" with " PCTFREE 0 NOCACHE" and it took 07:30 on my Core i7 3720QM laptop w/16GB RAM running Win7 SP1 64-bit.

The only thing I noticed is that the horizontal scroll widget goes a little nuts at the start of the replace, then Toad stops responding and 1 CPU core goes to 100% for the 7+ minutes. The same replace in the same file in v12.6.0.53 still stops responding after a bit and takes 23 seconds, but that’s at least somewhat reasonable. I saw thread but I’m still seeing those symptoms.

I’m thinking this should be easily replicated (hopefully?), but if not, I can probably forge one.