Stop team coding from disabling


At the moment we only have packages enabled for team coding.

However when I drop a table I will get the following message...


To get team coding re-enabled I have to open a new session.

Is there a way I can prevent team coding from being disabled any time I drop something in that schema?


Hi Niall,

It sounds like you have Team Coding installed in a schema that's shared with other day-to-day work. For best practices, I would recommend installing the Team Coding objects into a centralized schema that isn't used for your day-to-day work. We generally recommend people creating a "TOAD" schema and then installing Team Coding, Code Analysis, and/or Code Tester objects into that schema. Then, for this issue, all you'd need to do is exclude the TOAD schema from your Team Coding project and you shouldn't have any further issues.



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Thanks John, this solution solved my issue!

Kind Regards,