Team Coding Error Message - How to get rid of it?

I am using Toad for Oracle and whenever I log into a database or do various other tasks I get the following error message appearing at the bottom of the screen:

10:28:33 Output: The Team Coding Support on this database is an older version which is not compatible with this release of TOAD. To enable Team Coding, the Team Coding Support Objects must be updated using the Team Coding Configuration Installer. This task should be performed by a database administrator.

If I check Team Coding Status it shows an ‘X’ against Team Coding Enabled so not really sure why I am getting this message. Regardless my real problem is that Toad outputs this message about three or four times every time it displays it which, as well as being annoying, wastes valuable screen space. Is there someway I can get these messages to stop appearing? I don’t want Team Coding enabled and I don’t even need the issue fixed necessarily (though obviously this would be better), I just want a way to stop the messages showing up all the time. Currently I can close the Output window they appear in but whenever I try to do almost anything else a fresh set of the same messages appear again.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Hi there,
Sorry to hear you’re having this issue.
We here on the Development team monitor our Yahoo groups daily, and someone there may have an answer.

(Our forums are in transition, so we hope you will join that group, where Developers and expert users share tips and answers.)


Thank You,

Same problem here…

Has anyone found a solution/workaround?