Strange time zone for systimestamp on Oracle 19

Hi everyone!

I migrated from Oracle 12 to 19 recently and faced strange behavior of displaying timestamp with time zone values.

For example

Select SESSIONTIMEZONE, DBTIMEZONE, localtimestamp, systimestamp
from dual;

results on Oralce 19

05/04/2023 21:45:58.552596	
08/04/2023 10:45:58.552594 +64:00

at the same time on Oralce 12:

05/04/2023 21:50:36.358303	
05/04/2023 18:50:36.358297 +00:00

my current version is

My colleagues use pl/sql developer and don't face this

could someone help me to fix this issue?

Guessing this is not a Toad issue, but rather how the dates might be set up in your Oracle 19. There could be many factors affecting how timestamps are produced on various systems.

You may want to check out these links to help you troubleshoot:

This is a known issue when you are not using an Oracle Client. Use an Oracle client with Toad and the problem will go away.