Subversion & SQL-Navigator 5.5.


I am trying to figure out if there are any tools/plugins for SQL-Navigator 5.5. that implement Subversion. I have already found out that the support for subversion was planned for version 6.*. (, but has it been realized yet? Is there a way using an integrated subversion source control?

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Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately, this enhancement request was defered for later version. It’s still not implemented in current versions of Nav (6.1.1 or 6.2 beta)


Hi Daniel,

While SQL Navigator does not currently support Subversion directly, You can use a SCC-compatible “bridging” program such as SVN SCC proxy ( to act as an interface between NAV and Subversion.

We have briefly tested SVN SCC Proxy and there doesn’t appear to be any issues using it. SVN SCC Proxy is free to try, and we would suggest that you try it out and see if it would meet your requirement.

SVN SCC proxy is the SCC API plug-in for any Microsoft SCC enabled IDE (MSVC 5.0-7.0, Borland C++ builder, Delphi).

The cost for this add on would be around $35 USD per seat.


Many thanks for the fast responses! I’ve already used PushOK SVN SCC in PowerBuilder and it pretty much meets my needs. As it wasn’t listed in your documentation I didn’t expect it to work.
Yet, I have another question related to that topic. Is it possible running different 3rd party version control systems(VCS) at the same time? We would like to switch to a SVN-based VCS (PushOK). And therefore we need to set up a test environment and keep the production environment running simultaneously, but with the old VCS. Is there a way to do so, for instance through Code Control Groups?

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Hi Daniel,

Based on the current architecture/design of the Team Coding feature in SQL Navigator, it will not be possible running different version control systems at the same time.


I use SqlNav 6.0. I am new to the whole concept of using a version control repository.
I have installed the SCC Push OK Plugin and it does show up in the third party version control providers on the configuration tab for team code settings.

I am able to check out / check in (I see the activity in the TeamCoding viewer).
But it doesnt seem to be saving anything into the Subversion repository. When I try TeamCoding–> Version Control browser, I get the dialog where I supply the SVN url and credentials. When I click the check button, it does say it was able to connect to SVN. But when I click ok to launch the version control browser,
I get the error “SVNGUI executable not configured. Please configure under properties dialog”

Any help is appreciated.


I get the error "SVNGUI executable not configured. Please configure under properties >dialog"

Go to the SVNSCC directory and start frontend.exe. It lets you to choose the SVNGUI executable.


I use SQLNavigator 6.2., the PushOk-Plugin 1.6. and TortoiseSVN 1.6. is installed. Like Prakash I am able to check out /in but when I try to start the Version Control Browser I get the error message:

Error in SCC: PushOk SVNSCC (while attempting to launch provider GUI): Access violation at address 077A481A in module ‘scc.dll’. Read of address 00000000

Checking the SVNURL and the MODULE returns an ok. I started the Repository Browser by hand using the command shown in ‘GUI Executables’ of frontend.exe and it worked.

Any hints?

Many Thanks!