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SQLNavigator+Visual SVN Server+TortoiseSVNSCC+TortoiseSVN1.6_windowsclient

We have enabled TeamCoding on our Oracle 10g server.
Installed Tortoise SVN Client 1.6 to connect to subversion (Visual SVN Server)
I downloaded Tortoise SVN SCC from and registered the dll
(Has anyone succeeded in using Tortoise SVN SCC with SQL Navigator 5? We are looking at open source options at this time)

From SQL Navigator5, I go to TeamCoding->Status->Settings.
Choose-> Allow 3rd party tools, Enable all objects to be controlled and selected Tortoise SVN SCC (instead of commercial Push OK or Tam Tam. Note: I am not prompted to enter/select a VCS project at this time).

I proceed to create a CCG.
Iguess, I am supposed to connect to the subversion and select the VCS Project at the time of CCG Creation? If i simply type the VCS Project text box with some name (Example: TestVCS), it seems to proceed without any problems.

On this screen, When I click to create a new CCG, I am prompted with three inputs.
a) CCG Name (I type any string that i like ex: testccg)
b)Project : When i click on a small button at the right side of the text input, it prompts me to login to svn. After i login, It opens up a Checkout wizard of Tortoise SVN Client on windows rather than a select the project root directory in svn. Instead, if i simply type in the nameof the project as TestProj, it proceeds without an issue but it is not connected to svn yet.
c) Working directory: entered local directory ex: C:\testworkingdir

When i select “export to VCS” later, all my objects throw a wierd svn error and none of them make it to the SVN repository.

Cananyone correct me? I would like to see a select VCS Project dialog instead of a Checkout dialog with the Tortoise SVN Client hooked to my Tortoise SVN SCC. Any pointers?


SQL Navigator (5.5 and upto current release v6.5) does not support subversion yet. Please refer the following post for more info, in particular you might try to consider using PushOK SVN SCC (commercially available) to get SQL Nav work with subversion:

Thanks and regards,

Thanks for your response. I understand that SQL Navigator subversion support is postponed for v6.6 (whose beta might start anytime soon). But my assumption was, if SQLNavigator works with an SVNSCC Proxy like pushok, it should very well work with other SVNSCC implementations?Some others also recommend TamTam. But when there is an open source alternative, I want to see if that would work for me.

Appreciate if anyone who has tried TSVN + TSVNSCC combination to respond.