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Suppress automatic header when editing


Whenever I edit any code in the database I am always getting an automatic header appended. It is a total pain to always have to delete the header before I start editing. I have gone through the settings and I can’t find an option to shut if off. An example of the problem is below

– Database Version :
– Database Compatible Level :
– Script Compatible Level :
– Toad Version :
– DB Connect String : TEST
– Schema : MERCH
– Script Created by : CUSTOM
– Script Created at : 8/21/2018 2:56:27 PM
– Notes :

– Object Counts:
– Triggers: 1


I can reproduce that. I don’t know when it started doing that, but I’ll take care of it for next beta.

Unrelated - 8i! Wow!


By the way, you can just ignore the header, you don’t have to edit it out… It won’t go into the database since it’s just a comment at the top of the script.


Thank you.
re:Unrelated - 8i! Wow!
They say we can finally upgrade our 8i retail system sometime in the next 6 months. I sure hope they do. While I started coding on Oracle 5 (novell system, yes i’m old) I love oracle 12 and I can’t wait. I support 8, 10, 11,and 12.


Oracle 5! Double Wow! I’ve only been using Oracle since 7.3.4.


Workaround: From Schema Browser, on the right hand side, click the 3rd toolbar button above the source listing to send that text to editor.