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Surface Pro - High DPI (Toad for sql could not scale)


Dear DevTeam,


Please consider hight dpi scalable program.


I am on windows 10 with surface pro (The default windows display scaling is 200%)


Eg: About text is out of position.

Regards Dat.


This has been requested back in 2014.


in the mean time, this is a workaround the issue, but I believe future version should be moving to scalable dpi (.net core - platform independent ?)


I can't paste the image.

The steps are:

1. Navigate to the toad.exe folder

2. Right Click on toad.exe and select properties

3. Click on the Compatibility Tab.

4. on the Compatibility Tab

Check box: Override high DPI scaling behaviour scaling performed by:

Select: System


I am not sure if Toad for SQL is written using Java, If it is (Java 9+ support High DPI Scaling).