Convertor dialog suggestions

May I make some suggestions;

  1. A button to be added to start the compare instead of it starting automatically.
    I usually select the model (which starts the compare), then realise I should have changed the items to compare.

  2. After a compare is completed, switching to the settings tab and back without make changes should not start a another compare

  3. On the settings, if you deselect all, then decide to select (for example) entities, you then have to expand entites and select all the sub items and again to the lower level.
    Maybe reselecting entities should automatically select the child items since most would be required.


Hello Malcolm,

  1. and 2.
    Before I make new CRs for these two suggestions, I’d like to let you know about the new features Simple Model Merge and Simple Model Conversion. At the moment, they are available only in current Beta
    Possibly they will meet your requirements. Please check them out and let me know if you’re satisfied or if I shall create the new CRs after all.

Quick notes on the new features:
The options allow you to convert/merge the models very quickly. You only select a target db and can set/modify OTPs. Selection of particular items to convert/merge is not possible.
Simple Model Merge option does not allow you to merge to a new model. Current model will always be overwritten.

  1. We will deal with this issue. It’s already been reported and is registered under CR # 46 082.

Thanks very much.


Vladka + TDM Team