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Syncronization issue with quotes in character string


Hello. I am evaluating Toad Data Point (64 bit). I experimented with creating a script that would synchronize some CLOB data across servers.

The resulting script looks like this:

VALUES (‘key_value’, empty_clob());

lobcol CLOB ;
line varchar2(4000);
WHERE “KEY” = ‘key_value’ returning CLOB_FIELD into lobcol; (lobcol, dbms_lob.lob_readwrite);
line := ‘This clob data contains the user’s text.’;
dbms_lob.write (lobcol, length(line), 1, line);
dbms_lob.close (lobcol);

Notice the line := statement includes a quote in the value (user’s). It should be double-quoted or else it won’t work when I run the script on the target server.

Instead, I get this error: “ORA-01756: quoted string not properly terminated”

I’ve looked through the forum and the options but couldn’t find any way to make this work.

Is there a way to get the synchronization wizard to prepare the script with double-quotes?

Thank you .


I try use q’[…]’ and it is works.

VALUES (q’[This clob data contains the user’s text.]’);


Thanks Petr.

It worked for me to change the line := statement to

line := q'[This clob data contains the user's text.]';

So is it possible to get the synchronization wizard to do this automatically?

Or do I need to massage the script after it’s generated?


It is impossible add to synchronization wizard for now.

I created task (QAT-13164) for change in synchronization wizard.