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I have installed 64bit client Xpert trial 5.0.3 on a labtop with local instances on Windows 7. I imported SAMPLEW from db directory.

If db is not active, I encountered the exceptions, and in 1 case, Toad closed.



If you can answer several questions below it will assist us in determining what the underlying issue is. I encourage you to open up a support case with our support organization so this information (and more) can be tracked and followed in one place.
You can do that at

Questions that will assist us:
Can your please explain what you mean by “If db is not active”?
How did you export/import the SAMPLE2 database definition?
Is that database located on your local windows machine under another DB2 copy?
If so, then as Toad DB2 installs and runs in its own DB2 Copy, that database\host will have to be cataloged using your host name and port number for that DB2 copy (so Toad can comunicate with it within the Toad DB2 copy - TOADE50).
Can you connect to that database by using the Start - Programs - IBM DB2 - TOADE50 - Command Line Tools - Command Line Processor?

Can you connect to that database by using the Start - Programs - IBM DB2 - (any other DB2 copy you might have on your machine) - Command Line Tools - Command Line Processor?

Is there another database you can catalog and successfully connect to?

Hello Jeff,

I have 3 copies on my Windows: 2 9.5 versions and 1 9.7 versions.
I have successfully imported from Toad the DB directory of remote databases from 9.5 (but cannot connect as I have no access to remote server).
I have catalogued in tcpip SAMPLE from the 9.7 copy into SAMPLEW.
9.7 instance is started and db is not active.
From TOAD, I have imported SAMPLEW definition, and when connecting, I encounter behaviour showed in the screen copy.
If I do a CONNECT TO SAMPLEW in CLP for example, to have db active, close TOAD reopen TOAD I do not encounter this behavior.

So I guess there is a timing problem in TOAD when TOAD connects, and that implies DB2 to activate the DB. The 1st screen shot shows TOAD aborts on Windows, the 2nd screen shot, I was connected to the DB and could continue to work with TOAD.

Regards, JMB


Thanks for the information.
We have not seen this behavior.
I am wondering what db2 version\fixpack your 9.7 local SAMPLE database is running in.
Can you issue the ‘db2level’ command from that CLP so we can know what fixpack that is at?

Hi Jeff,

I was using FP5 on 9.7, and I realised I hit a bug that crashes DB2 instance as describe here

So as I said to the support team, I think this was more likely a DB2 problem than a Toad problem. I have never been able to reproduce the problem using FP5 + hotfix and AVAST (sandbox deactivated for TOAD).

So I think my issue is closed

Best regards,