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Tab Order in Query Builder When Opening multiple Queries


Daily I open up several tabs in the query builder…I open these simultaneously. If I am opening query A, B,C,D,and E then they are arranged B,C,D,E, and A in the query builder…with the first selection always being moved to the end tab. I can move the A query back over but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a solution? Thanks!


Actually, I have the ordering backwards…when opening A, B, C, D and E the order comes in as E, A, B, C, and D. It is what should be the last tab that winds up in the first position.


Can you look at this post and see if this is the same issue? They sound similiar and we have recently opened a CR for ths one.



Not the same. This occurs with a single connection if you try and open several queries simultaneously. Toad opens, click on open file folder, and then select several queries to open from a folder. They will appear in order with the exception of the last one (chronologically in the folder) will always be at the beginning instead of the end of the group of tabs. Also, it doesn’t matter in which order you select the items. They will all appear in the same order as they were in the folder with the exception of the single one that is out of order.


Okay. I entered Cr77,776 for this issue.