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Hello to all,

When pressing F3 the SQL-Windows appears with a fat grey status bar.
The SQL statement is not visible.
Please make sure, that the status bar between the SQL command sub windows and the data grid has a minium width unless one increases the width by hand.


sqlnav55prod_amei_bug01.doc (338 KB)


hi Andre,

Thanks for your feedback>>>

Once you have adjusted the height of the SQL status bar to your liking, when you close and relaunch SQLNAV, it will remember your last adjustments. Also, you may wish to consider clicking on the Expand SQL/Spool Pane button on the SQL Editor toolbar. This will allow you to instantly expand the SQL entry area.

We have not being able to consistently reproduce your reported behaviour but we will definitely try to improve this behaviour in our future release.



Hi Andre,

Roman is currently working on the new single Code editor as a replacement of SQL Editor and Store Program Editor to make the work flow better, where it supports multi tabs, split screens, code collapse/expand, code outline and new enhanced data grid. We should get this in a future beta build shortly for you to review. We will take this on board with the new editor. Pls let us know if the new editor would work better for you.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Best Regards,