Code Editor in SQLNAV 6

We do a lot of SQL skripting and so its very usefull for us to haveeasy access to the skript and to the result set without using themouse. You are much faster just using the keyboard!

In code editor it would be nice to have the following functionality:

Whenyou are writing in the SQL Pane of the editor there should be ashort-cut (ctrl-x) for ‘eXpand result tab’ which fully expands theresult set and then the focus automatically should be set into theresult set. Now you can navigate in the result set. And there alsoshould be the same short-cut (ctrl-x) now for ‘eXpand SQL Pane’ whichfully expands the SQL Pane and sets the focus back to the same positionin the skript where you have been writing before.

This short-cut function would be VERY USEFULL for us, please implement it in the next Version of SQLNAV.

Or change the code editor behaviour back to SQLNAV 5.5!

Hi Christ,

Would you mind telling me what the exact behaviour of Nav 5.5 that you want to bring back? The only thing I can think of is 5.5 has a preference to display the result set in a separate window. If this is what you want to bring back, we’re actually working on it.


There are 2 functions of code editor, which were better in SQLNAV 5.5:

  1. a preference to display the result set in a separate window (so there is enough space to have a good view on the SQL-Pane and on the result set)

  2. the short-cuts alt-q (SQL tab) and alt-r (result tab), so that you can focus each tab without klicking the mouse

With my suggestion of the short-cut ctrl-x I tried to get both advantages into SQLNAV 6.

We’re working on the preference to display the result set in a separate window so it should be back for the next version.
The shortcut to switch from SQL tab and result tab is Ctrl+F11 and it’s already there.


Thankx for the shortcut!

I’m perfectly satisfied with the separate window preference in kombination wtith the shortcut!

Hi Gwen!

You promised the “separate Window” Option in next Version. I joined the 6.2 beta program, but I couldn’t find the Option. Please tell me were I can find that Option.

Cheers, Chris

Hi Chris,

Sorry I wasn’t clear on this. I was refering to the GA build instead of beta build. It did not make it to first beta release due to its complexity. Specifically, we’re attempting to bring back the window arrangement on 5.5 so it takes a lot of work to incorporate window arrangement into the existing tab arrangement in 6.0 & 6.1.
Currently, this preference is in our internal build but we still need to clean up some of the bugs and workflows. Hopefully, it will be available in the next beta release. Please check the announcement for the list of addressed issues.


Hi Gwen!

I’d like to tell you our favored Use-Case for SQL-skripting with SQLNAV. Maybe the development team can use it for implementing the “separate window” feature.

– writing SQL statements (we’d like to have a view on a hole page, not only on 5-6 lines of code)
– execute SQL statement (F8)
– the cursor stays in the script-window or optionally (in preferences) the focus goes to the result-set-window (in some cases there is no result set)
– use a short-cut to switch focus (cursor) between script-window and result-set-window
(the short-cuts of SQLNAV 5.x are favored: alt-q, alt-r, alt-s, but one “toggle” short-cut also would be nice)
– navigate in the result set (just using the keyboard) and have a view on a hole page
– use a short-cut to switch focus (cursor) to script-window
– writing SQL statements

Using only the keyboard is much faster than klicking with mouse. This was one of the main advantages of SQLNAV 5.x to SQL-Developer (Java freeware by Oracle).
We now have a discussion in our team which tool we should use for “SQL-scripting” in our next project.
I’d like to have SQLNAV back for “SQL-scripting”, so please take care on that use-case.


Hi Christoph,

We really appreciate your feedbacks. It would be our top priority to make sure these features are available in the code editor.