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Control+Tab in Sql Nav 6?


In the previous versions of Sql Nav, control+tab would move you between editors. This has been changed in Sql Nav 6 so that instead of moving between different SQL scripts I may have open, it moves between the editor window, the explorer, etc. Does anyone know of any way to change this back? I’d like to see it move between all windows (editors, explorer, etc), but I mainly just want my editors back. Clicking the tabs is a bit annoying.

Thanks for any help.


You can use F6 to move between tabs. You cannot change it back to the way 5.5 works because the design of the editor was changed. We may bring the windows design back though due to popular demand by the users.



Thanks for the speedy reply. Add my name to the list that would like to see that changed back. :slight_smile:


In code editor it would be nice to have the following functionality:

Whenyou are writing in the SQL Pane of the editor there should be ashort-cut (ctrl-x) for ‘eXpand result tab’ which fully expands theresult set and then the focus automatically should be set into theresult set. Now you can navigate in the result set. And there alsoshould be the same short-cut (ctrl-x) now for ‘eXpand SQL Pane’ whichfully expands the SQL Pane and sets the focus back to the same positionin the skript where you have been writing before.

This short-cut function would be VERY USEFULL for us, please implement it in the next Version of SQLNAV.

Otherwise I also would like to change the Editor back to SQLNAV 5.5 behavior!