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I recently upgraded from 11.6 to 12.0, and noticed the Administer->Tablespaces grid now displays all tablespace sizes as “MB” or “GB” or “TB” (depending on magnitude of that space). At first glance, I thought this would be fine; perhaps even preferable. However, I’m not hitting a problem. One of the ways I made use of this display was to track the rate at which massive load operations were adding data to a particular tablespace. Crude? Yes, admittedly. But for “quick pulse check”, it was a very handy means to check that mass-load operations were performing as expected - just open the Tablespaces grid, hit “refresh” a few times, and check how quickly “Free Space” was dropping in my tablespace (while simultaneously verifying that I wasn’t approaching 100%, that TEMP wasn’t blowing up, etc.).

Sadly (for me), with the more user-friendly rounded-display, I’ve lost the ability to do this - a 5 TB tablespace shows my used/free spaces as unchanging 1.43 TB/3.57 TB, not in MB, so I can’t get a good “at a glance” feel of approx MB/sec a load is running at. Is there any way to revert the grid to display all sizes in MB, as it did in 11.6?

Sigh. “I’m NOW hitting a problem”, not “I’m not hitting a problem”. Why must so many typos exactly reverse the meaning of their sentences?

Is there any way to revert the grid to display all sizes in MB, as it did in 11.6
Think not possible to change. Looked around but not found out.

But why don’t you have saved sql which execute clean count(*) from growing table or even custom sql that measure tablespace size in MB and place it on menu (button) so you can run it whenever you want?


Yeah… in many cases, development teams will make new vs. old behavior toggle-able (often to avoid dealing with the incessant whining of those who just can’t embrace change) - it didn’t appear they’d done so here, but it never hurts to check. Anyway, thanks for the feedback - I hadn’t realized that custom-SQL could be “buttonized”; I’ll play with setting something up with that.

SQL could be “buttonized”

Try Project manager (View|Project Manager) and then add sql, directory, file, whatever you want as a shortcut to your Toad desktop.

Other way is named query (Ctrl+N)



In Toad 12.0, you are out of luck.

In Toad 12.1, there is a “File Size Units” dropdown at the top of the screen where you can choose between “Auto” (as it is now), KB, MB, GB, TB, or PB.