Tabs ignored/missing in Popup Editor


Yes, it’s all about the tabs for me apparently!

In 12.10b7, I make this table in a DB with an AL32UTF16 NCHAR characterset:

CREATE TABLE popup (hexy NCHAR(4));
INSERT INTO popup (hexy) VALUES (CHR(7));

Inspecting the column value works fine:

SELECT DUMP(hexy) FROM popup;

However, in the SB RHS Data tab, while the tab shows up (on my PC) as a dot, r/c on the value in the data grid and entering the Popup Editor’s hex tab only shows the 3 spaces and not the initial tab character. I found that if I use the navigation buttons at the top while still on the hex tab, that the “07 00” NCHAR tab character will properly appear.


I thought a tab was CHR(9).

7, 9, 32…it’s all the same, right?

I had to go back to my DEC VT320 Owners Manual to see that an ASCII value of 7 is the bell. Hey! It’s not about the tab this time!


Disclaimer: 220, 221, whatever it takes.

Hooray! I was half expecting you to tell me that somehow it really WAS a tab!

Bell, eh? Maybe I should make Toad do a ribbit when the CHR(7) is encountered.