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FREEWARE: Hex editor corrupts data?


ISSUE: For some strange reason, when I copy text from my SQL editor tabs in to a new Hex Editor tab, the content of the text changes. For example, when I paste the character ‘q’ into the Hex editor, instead of me seeing the hex value ‘71’, I see 4 values pasted: '71 0D 90 04 '. This is what I mean by ‘corrupts data’ in the thread title. The encoding of the SQL tab is ANSI and that of the Hex editor tab is ‘unknown encoding’.

My ANSI code reference:

I’m using Toad for Oracle Freeware, version

I appreciate any feedback on this. I scoured the net but could not find someone raising this issue earlier whether for the Freeware or Commercial editions. So, I don’t know if Toad for Oracle Commercial edition has this issue or not. Perhaps this was the closest related ‘Idea Thread’ I found:

Thanks in advance!

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