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.tas updates automatically with update to .sql

Hi all,

I have read a lot of the forum and can’t see this question asked (or answered) so apologies if this is a common question.

I have a script that runs every morning that pulls in all of the data from the database for a number of client IDs. We gain new clients all the time and therefore I am required to add these IDs into the script. However, when I update the script the .tas doesn’t update automatically and still uses the old script so I have to rebuild the .tas file.

Is there a way so that I don’t have to do this and the automation can just look at the updated (.sql) script?



Check your .tas file to make sure the “Link SQL file” check box is checked. If it isn’t then select the option to link the .sql file so that any changes to it are automatically reflected in the .tas file. I know this option is available in the excecute to script, import wizard, export wizard.

Also, can’t you write your script to read the ids from a table and be dynamic? If you can then just import the new ids at the beginning of the automation script. Then you don’t have to update the script or the automation script.

Of course I am not looking at your script to see what you are doing. But it is worth checking into.


Dave I believe your comment has worked. Debbie, I’m not sure I understand your answer but more importantly I’m not sure I have permissions to create the table to make it more dynamic in the first place. Thank you both anyway.