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TDA keeps losing my licenseinformation

After successfully using TDA for many months it has suddenly started losing my license information. I re-enter the license number and phrase, it shows that it is a licensed version, I go into TDA and work. I exit TDA. I restart TDA and the license information is gone. What’s up with that?

  1. Please exit Toad.
  2. Search the PC for ProductLicenses.xml and all instances of the file License.key and rename them to ProductLicenses.xml_OLD and License.key_OLD.
  3. Then startup Toad again, if prompt for license, please enter the key.
  4. If you are not prompt for key, check the Help | Licensing window and if you still see the trial key, select the ‘Delete’ key and click on continue.
  5. Exit Toad and launch again to verify.

I had a similar problem yesterday.

Try this: