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TDA Oracle 8.1.7 Connection


Is there anyway i can use TDA to connect to a oracle 8.1.7 Database?

I’ve seen the release notes since the first TDA was release and i only speaks support versions starting with 9i. No info about previous.
My goal is to use the TDA capabilities to view data and relationships within this particular version of Oracle DB.

Will i be able to connect if i use an older oracle client?

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You can connect to 8.1.7. You will see a message come up that says that it is not fully supported but it will let you continue to use the product. We simply don’t test fully on 8.17 as Oracle does not support. We do have several user that do connect to this version so you should be fine. Also, if you do find a specific issue with 8.17 let me know and we can look into it.

Note: You will need an older Oracle client or use Direct Connect as the newer versions of the client prohibit connecting. This is not from TDA but from the client.



Do the Automation features not work in Toad for Data Analysts 2.7 if I am connecting to Oracle 8.1.7?


I just tried this and yes it works with 8.17. You do need to set the connection message to ‘Do not show again’. I also had to use a Direct Connection as my client will not connect to 8.17. But other than that it works fine. Go for it!



Hi all,

I have a huge DB on Oracle 8i and TDA runs smoothly with it. Big and complex queries runs like charm. So, as Debbie said, go ahead!!!

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