Unable to make data base connection

I am not able make connection with my data base(version, I have installed toad for oracle(version and oracle client (version But, i’m getting
ORA-03134 error(Connections to this server versions, no longer supported).

Please help me with this.

You need an Oracle 10.2 or older client for that older database. See the full interoperability matrix.


Thank you so much…

it will be great if you provide the screen shot of that tabular column.(Since i don’t have oracle support account).
Awaiting your precious response.

provide the screen shot

That might violate Oracle's MOS terms of service, but I looked at it and you need a 10.2 or older client to connect to 8.1.7 database.

Thanks…Let me try with the client 10.2 or lower…

I have asked you the snap, since I want to check the toad version also.
I have installed toad version Is it ok?

Toad 12.10 supports 8.1.7. It is listed in the system requirements section of the InstallationGuide.pdf in your installation’s “docs” folder and on Quest’s site.

When I tried direct connection(i mean without installing client), It wasn’t work .I got a error saying “ORA-03134:connections to this server versions are no longer supported”.

If you got that message then you have a client of some sort somewhere that Toad is using. There is really nothing more to this discussion until you download and install a 10.2 or older client.

Direct connection allows you to specify the server’s details in full and make the connection, but you still need a client. TNS connection allows you to use a simple alias while the details of the server are specified in tnsnames.ora.

Ok. Thank you so much

You’re welcome.

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